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All About Pulse

Used by recruitment teams to keep automated comms up-to-date, track activities, and view real-time reports to achieve recruitment success.

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The Pulse - Recruitment Funnel is a valuable tool for UK universities as it enables you to track the progress of potential students through four stages: Interested, Engaged, Applied, and Accepted, this year compared with last year.

This app revolutionises recruitment success with its three core components.

First is Touchpoints, which allows you to nurture relationships with prospective students by keeping automated communications up-to-date throughout their journey. Here you can keep the content in your automated communications up-to-date. It lists all your Email, SMS, Letter, and Label touchpoints. It is one central list of every Touchpoint across all apps.

Second is Reports, where you can run, save, and share in-app reports from one central location, making it easy to track recruitment activities. Here you see and run any in-app report in any occurrence, from one central location.

It is one central list of every in-app report across all apps. You can run Live reports now and you can view your Saved reports too. You can also receive Saved reports straight to your inbox with the latest data using Subscriptions.

Finally, Performance provides real-time, top-down reports to show which recruitment activities are contributing to your success. With Pulse, your recruitment team can optimise their efforts and streamline workflows to ensure student success.

To help bring these three concepts together and make the most of the Platform, view best practice advice in our Playbooks.

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