Conditional items in web forms

How to create conditions for displaying items in web forms only when you want them to appear.

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Any item (image, text block, field etc) can display in your web form either 'always' or 'only when these conditions are met'. Let's look at conditions:

1. Only when these conditions are met

You only want the Persona to display if certain conditions are met, otherwise it stays hidden on the form.

2. Both conditions are required

For example, if you want to display the item 'SDB - Persona' only when the student enters "United Kingdom" in 'SDB - Country' elsewhere in the form AND their 'SDB - Email Address' ends with "" it would look like this:

(Note: you have selected 'Match all of the following conditions') so 'AND' appears between them)

3. Either condition will do

If you are happy that either condition will do, rather than both together, it looks like this:

(Note: you have selected 'Match any of the following conditions' so 'OR' appears between them)

4. Adding a condition

a) Pick a field from the form - we are using 'SDB - Email Address' so we want this item  'SDB - Persona' to appear only if the student's email contains a specific value:

b) Choose an operator - we are using 'ends with':

c) enter your value - we are using "":

d) click 'Apply':

5. Seeing which items are conditional

The 'conditions' icon appears if an item is conditionally displayed:

As many conditions as you like

Conditions give you control over how your web form looks and behaves. By using 'AND' or 'OR' you can create some clever logic:

Theoretically, you can have as many conditions as you like but, as with all things, simple tends to work best.

Conditional fields based on other conditional fields

If within those extra (conditionally displayed) fields they give a certain answer, you can reveal even more fields. The mind boggles.

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