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How to use the signpost item to make your web forms even more dynamic

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The Signpost item in the Web Form Manager app controls what happens when a student selects one of the answers to your signpost question.

Example: we will ask the student "Where do you live?".

Each of the 4 answers that the student can select from your dropdown will carry out a different action that you can set:

  • "UK" (Do nothing)

  • "Europe" (Load in a different form built for APS, PRQ, RAP, or SRV)

  • "Rest of World" (Replace form with a text block)

  • "The Dark Side of The Moon" (Open URL in a new tab)

The Signpost item in Web Form Builder:

The 'Do nothing' option

We will set the dropdown value to "UK". As this is the UK web form, we do not want the signpost to do anything as we do want the student to complete this web form. When "UK" is selected, nothing happens and the UK student continues to complete and submit this UK form:

The 'Load in a different form' option

We will set the dropdown value to "Europe". As this is the UK web form, we do not want the student to complete this web form as we want them to complete the European web form. You can select to jump to a form built for any of the following apps: APS, PRQ, RAP, or SRV. When "Europe" is selected, the correct web form loads instantly and the European student can now complete and submit the European form:

The 'Replace form with text block' option

We will set the dropdown value to "Rest of World". We want to show a message in place of the current UK form. When "Rest of World" is selected the UK web form content is instantly hidden and replaced with the text block and the Rest of World student can now read the message instead:

The 'Open URL in a new tab' option

We will set the dropdown value to "The Dark Side of The Moon". We want to open a new browser tab for the student to look at. (NB: the current UK form stays open in the previous tab). When "The Dark Side of The Moon" is selected a new tab opens and plays a YouTube video instead:


Q. Can I add more than one Signpost item to one webform?

A. Yes, you can add as many as you like.

Q. Can I build a web form with just a signpost (ie: with no other fields or a submit button on the form)?

A. Yes you can.

Q. How many options can I add to the dropdown menu?

A. As many as you like. Even though the example in this article only show one of each type, there is no reason why you couldn't have 10, 20 or more options, each one carrying one of the 4 actions.

We recommend that any very complex form associations you make should be recorded within your establishment's internal Knowledgebase.

Q. Could this possibly open up a wormhole ๐Ÿ•ณ in space-time if I send one signpost to another signpost form and on to another signpost form... ad infinitum?

A. Yes we think so. Take care :)

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