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Do 'Webinars' generate more applications than 'School Visits'?

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Your student recruitment activities usually fall under different types - such as:

  • 'Open Day'

  • 'Webinar'

  • 'School Visit'

  • 'Campus Visit'

  • 'Schools Careers Fair'

  • 'UCAS Fair'

  • etc...

You can use whichever Student CRM apps you like to run these activities.

For example, you could take bookings for a webinar in POD, MEC or EVM if you like. Each app offers a slightly different feature set, but they all collect students who were interested in studying, so they attended your webinar.

Here is where Activity Types come in

First, you set up each Activity Type in your Student Database setup tab:

Once you have all Activity Types listed, with a helpful description, you can start to use them in the events you run.

Simply add an activity type to each event to see how many leads, applications and enrolments each activity type is generating.

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