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Which modules or apps make up Student CRM?
Which modules or apps make up Student CRM?

29 apps, 3 tools, and 2 mobile apps

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Student CRM is a modular system comprising many apps. Each of these has a short-hand reference called a Shortcode, which is listed in brackets.

Core Apps

There are core apps that are central to the way Student CRM operates. These are:

  • Birthdays (BDY) for wishing your students a good day

  • Checklists (CHK) to aid your planning

  • Campaign Manager (CPM) for creating Super Segments and Campaigns

  • Comms Centre (COM) to see the impact of your ad-hocs

  • Courses & Subjects (CRS) for your course lists for each level of study

  • Data Manager (DMN) for importing data via CSV files

  • Data Packs (DTP) to manage which packs you have available for your BI Tools

  • Document Library (DOC) for managing shared documents via short links

  • Faculties (FAC) for setting up faculties and departments

  • Privacy Centre (PRV) to help manage privacy topics and consents

  • Regions (REG) for managing enquiries and applications by region

  • Student Database (SDB) for recording the student's details

  • Template Builder (TPB) to help create reusable email templates

  • Users (USR) for managing user access and permissions

  • Web Form Builder (WFB) to control your web forms' appearance and behaviour

Subscription Apps

There are also subscription apps which can enhance Student CRM and tailor it to your uses. These are:

  • Agent Manager (AGM) for keeping track of overseas agencies and their agents

  • Applicant Open Days (AOD) for organising open days specific to students who have applied for a course

  • Applications (APS) for managing incoming student applications

  • Automations Manager (AMM) to manage how the platform performs automatic actions for you, such as tagging students.

  • Calendar (CAL) for keeping track of events

  • Contact Manager (CTM) for organising non-student contacts

  • Enquiries (ENQ) for dealing with student enquiries

  • Event Manager (EVM) for organising events not linked to open days, such as professional events

  • Knowledgebase (KLB) for sharing best practices or FAQs with students or colleagues

  • Mobile Event Capture (MEC) works with Mobile Event Pad to gather student data at UCAS fairs

  • Pre-Applicant Open Days (POD) for organising open days for student's who've not yet applied to the institution

  • Prospectus Requests (PRQ) for sending out prospectuses to students

  • Rapid Response (RAP) for responding quickly to student enquiries

  • Surveys (SRV) for finding out what students think of things

Other Tools

These are things that work in the background of Student CRM.

  • Workflows and Touchpoints (WK/TP) for automated communications

  • Grab for ad hoc communications

Mobile Apps

  • Mobile Event Pad (MEP) for iOS, a mobile app for gathering initial data on students at UCAS fairs;

  • Event Day Scanner (EDS) for iOS and Android, for booking-in visitors at your events

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