Find the students who did or did not open a particular email campaign or email touchpoint and tag them all at the same time. By using meaningful tags like:

  • "Campaign 1234 - opened"

  • "Campaign 7855 - did not open"

... you can easily find all the students who did not open your email campaign and create an instant segment using that tag. Now you can send the same email (or a variation of it) to those students who did not open it the first time.

Step 1 - Find the students you want to tag

View your email report and filter to a list (of students), then click the 'Options' dots and select the 'Tag these X students":

TIP: remember to select 'All data' in the report first:

Step 2 - Select an existing tag or create a new one

When you click 'save' you get a confirmation message telling you the tag has been added to all of those students.

Step 3 - view your tags

On each student, your new tag now appears. They are ready to be used in a fresh segment.

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