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How do I use Conditional Text in Touchpoints?
How do I use Conditional Text in Touchpoints?

Change the text of your Email touchpoints, dependant on who they're for

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One way to personalise your Touchpoints is by using Conditional Text.

This is a fragment of text (as short or as long as you want) which is merged into your Touchpoint when a condition is met. For instance, text which only appears when the student selects the option for their Prospectus to be delivered by Post.

Insert the special 'Conditional Text' Mail Merge Field into your email or letter where you would like this text to appear.

How to add conditional text to your touchpoint

  1. Move to the Content step of the Touchpoint.

  2. In the text editor, put your cursor where you want the Conditional Text to appear.

  3. Click on the Mail Merge Field icon and select Conditional Text.

  4. This merge field tag will appear in your text editor: [xxxconditional_textxxx]

  5. Save your changes then scroll down.

  6. Click the Plus icon to add a new condition.

  7. Select a field you want to use as the condition and enter a value. Please note, you can use comma-separated values in the same way as you would for the "is one of" condition.

  8. To add more options, click the 'Add Conditional Text' button (top right).

  9. Click Save.

What happens if a student matches two or more conditional text fields?

Your conditions don't have to be mutually exclusive - perhaps you want students to receive two messages about different aspects of their booking.

Here's a simple example:

Each piece of text will replace the [xxxconditional_textxxx]merge tag in a stack - like this:

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