1. In WFM in Student CRM - choose which web form you want to add Zuko tracking to. (Remember it is one Zuko snippet per form, unlike Google Analytics which is one snippet for all. If you have multiple forms you must repeat steps 2 to 12 for each web form.)

  2. Example: “8740.02: RAP - University-Enquiries-Form”


  1. In WFM in Student CRM - go to the ‘5. Preview’ bus stop for that web form..

  2. Click the ‘use web form </>’ button in the preview and a modal opens up.


  1. In WFM in Student CRM - in that modal, click the ‘Copy URL to clipboard’ button in the lower section’s ‘URL to open this web form in a new page’ green text.

  2. The URL, which looks like this is now in your clipboard:”


  1. In Zuko - Log into your Zuko account and click ‘Add form’ in the top navigation bar.


In Zuko - complete it as follows:

  1. Organisation = your university name

  2. Label = the same name as your web form in Student Database

  3. URL = From your clipboard (highlighted below)

  4. Click ‘Save’.


  1. In Zuko - you now see your Zuko tracking code in 2 parts.

Leave that tab open while you pop into Student CRM again.


  1. In WFM in Student CRM - go to Setup (the cog icon) and Add a new tracking code.

Complete it as follows:

  1. Type = Zuko (from the dropdown)

  2. Name = Add ‘Zuko’ in front of the web form name

  3. Script code = paste in each part from the Zuko tab, one at a time with a space between them

  4. Click ‘Save’.

  5. You will see a message: "Web Tracking Code successfully created".


  1. In WFM in Student CRM - go to bus stop ‘2. Configuration’ for that web form.

  2. Scroll down and add your new Zuko tracking code and click ‘Save’.


  1. In WFM in Student CRM - now click the ‘publish changes to live’ button and your Zuko tracking code is now live. (You have now finished in Student CRM.)

STEP 10:

  1. In Zuko - click the ‘Live’ link in the top navigation bar, then select your new Zuko form from the forms filter top left, click ‘Apply’ button to see an empty chart titled ‘Live View & Completion Events’:

STEP 11:

  1. In a new browser tab - visit your web form online and do nothing.

  2. In Zuko - notice that the Zuko Live chart now shows a visit stat (It has a 10-second refresh).

  3. In that browser tab - now complete the form just like a student would.

  4. In Zuko - notice that the Zuko Live chart now shows a completion stat as well.

  5. If you visit your web form online again but this time you close the form halfway through, you will now see an abandon stat in the Zuko live chart.

STEP 12:

  1. In Zuko - on the Live report for that web form, click the Cog icon and go to ‘Label Fields’ where you can now add names and drag the fields into the same order that they appear in your web form. You have now finished in Zuko.

  2. (NB: you can’t do this until the web form has been submitted at least once so that Zuko can record all the fields in your form.)

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