Sometimes you may make other changes to your CRM setup that affect your forms, such as adding new courses or changing subject names.

To ensure that these changes are reflected in your DIY forms you'll need to republish your forms.

Pre-Applicant & Applicant Open Days and Event Manager Booking Forms update automatically.

You may also need to make amendments to a live form, such as making a field "not required" any longer.

To start with, you need to create a safe version of the form. Select your live form and click the Edit pencil. Next, click the "Work in a safe version" button on the green banner:

You can then make all the amends you need.

If republishing, you'll need to click the "refresh" arrows:

Once you're one amending or refreshing your form, click the "Publish changes to live" button:

This will update all forms, including embedded forms.

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