Amending and Republishing a DIY form

How to update your form with any changes

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Sometimes you may make other changes to your CRM setup that affect your forms, such as adding new courses or changing subject names. Or you've changed some part of the Configuration, such as the Consent used.

To ensure that these changes are reflected in your DIY forms you'll need to republish your forms.

Pre-Applicant & Applicant Open Days and Event Manager Booking Forms update automatically.

You may also need to make amendments to a live form, such as making a field "not required" any longer.

Making Amends

To start with, you need to create a safe version of the form. Select your live form and click the Edit pencil. Next, click the "Work in a safe version" button on the green banner:

You can then make all the amends you need.


If republishing - such as after having made changes to a Consent pack - you'll need to click the "refresh" arrows on Step 3: Builder:

Once you're one amending or refreshing your form, click the "Publish changes to live" button:

This will update all forms, including embedded forms.


Please note, every time you publish the form, it will change the unique URL. If you are previewing a form in a new window, you'll need to close your form and use the "Preview form in new window" to reopen the form to see any changes.

Updating Subjects on the Academic Block

If you've requested a new, amended, or deleted subject then the process for showing this change on a form is different to the above. Once you are working in draft, remove the academic block and wait for the form to save. Then you can add the block back, waiting for it to save again, before republishing the form.

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