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Subscribing to a private calendar in Google, Microsoft, and Apple
Subscribing to a private calendar in Google, Microsoft, and Apple

Using your work calendar to jump into Student CRM and manage any event - EVM, MEC, AOD or POD.

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This is what a private Student CRM calendar looks like when you subscribe to it in Google Calendar under 'Other Calendars' in the sidebar. You can see 3 events below:

Viewing that calendar in Google: clicking on the "Online Student Fair" event on the 28th displays the link to manage the event in the app Mobile Event Capture (MEC):

How to subscribe (in the Calendar app)

Start in the Calendar app and open one of your private calendars to see the "Subscribe to Cal" button:

  1. The "Subscribe to Cal" button opens up the modal.

  2. The modal opens with the subscribe link ready to use. Just click the "Copy link to clipboard" button.

  3. If you prefer you can click the "Download ICS file" button.

  4. If you ever need to deny access to a previously shared private calendar (for example you previously shared your subscribe link with a colleague who no longer requires access) you can click the "Generate new iCal link".

Subscribing in Google, Microsoft and Apple with the URL

When you copy your subscribe link, it looks like this: "" and is ready to use in your chosen work Calendar:

  • Google: adding an 'other' calendar from the URL - see how.

  • Microsoft: subscribing to your CRM calendar with a URL - see how.

  • Apple: new calendar subscription with the URL - see how

Download ICS file (not used that much)

When you download your ICS file to your computer, the file that you download looks like this:

An ICS file is sometimes automatically opened by the calendar on your computer and you are asked if you want to Import the Calendar data (see this screenshot from an iMac opening an ICS file into its built-in Calendar app:

The difference between importing (ICS) and subscribing (URL)

When you import an .ics file, you get a snapshot of the events in the calendar at the time of import. Your calendar doesn't refresh the imported events automatically - even if the calendar's owner makes an update. This is a good way to add events that aren't going to change to your existing calendar, like tide tables, or phases of the moon.

Subscribing to an iCal online calendar connects it to your calendar. Whenever the owner of an iCal you've subscribed to makes changes to the events, Outlook on the web updates your calendar. This is a good way to track events that change frequently, like movie times or a school calendar, or student events.


Q. In my work calendar (Google, Microsoft, or Apple) how can I see just the events that I am assigned to?

A. In your work calendar search for your name with a "U:" in front, for example, if your name was Tim May you would search for: "U:Tim May".

Q. Can I search for Teams like that too?

A. Yes. Search for your team with a "T:" in front, for example, if your team was UK you would search for: "T:UK".

Q. Will our students see my name and team?

A. No. This is a private calendar. Students only see public calendars.

Q. I have subscribed to a Student CRM private calendar but it does not update in real time (in Google/Microsoft/Apple) when I add events to it in Student CRM.

A. The update frequency varies but, yes it is slow to update, for example Google say they fetch the new updates every 8 to 12 hours. Way too slow in our opinion, but we can't change this.

Q. I clicked a link in my work calendar but instead of taking me to manage the event in Event Manager it took me to the Student CRM login page.

A. For the links to work, first log in to Student CRM, then all links work.

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