The Data Packs app (DTP)

DTP is used by planning & statistics teams to automate updating fresh Student CRM to a cloud data warehouse for connecting their BI tool to.

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Connect your own BI tool to your Student CRM data in the cloud.

This app lists all the data packs you have subscribed to, along with any new data packs you can subscribe to. See a list of available data packs here.

The Data Packs app (DTP) benefits:

  • You can see that each update to the data warehouse was successful.

  • You can see how many rows were updated or deleted in that run.

  • You can search log entries.

  • You can download the entire log as CSV.

  • You can subscribe to additional data packs.

  • You can see which BI Platform you are using.

Which data packs you have subscribed to


Every time your fresh Student CRM data is uploaded to the cloud data warehouse, log entries are created in the Logs tab, showing when and what happened, for each table inside each data pack.

Your BI Platform

See which BI platform your university is using, and who set it up for you.


Q. Can I pick and choose which data packs I subscribe to?

A. Yes. Ideally, they should align with the apps you have subscribed to. For example, there would be no need to subscribe to the AGM data pack if you do not have a subscription to the Agent Manager app.

Q. How often is the log updated with a new entry?

A. Daily (Mon to Sun) or weekly on every Mon to be ready by 08:00 depending on the update frequency you chose at set up.

Q. How long are the log entries stored?

A. Any log entries older than 3 months get removed on a monthly basis.

Q. Some data packs show as "not purchased" - how do I purchase them?

A. Click the link and we will send you a quotation, as soon as it has been set up it joins the rest of the data pack updates, and it then shows in your log entries as running.

Q. How will I know when any new data packs become available?

A. They will appear in your listing automatically.

Q. Can I connect to our university's BI tool?

Q. Yes. Whilst our cloud data warehouse is platform-agnostic (so you can connect it to pretty much any BI), check out this article listing the top BI tools available.

Q. Our university's BI tool is not listed, can I add it?

Q. We will add that to the dropdown list for you if you can tell us which one you are using.

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