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Connecting your BI tools to your Student CRM data packs
Connecting your BI tools to your Student CRM data packs

For off-platform reporting you can connect your own Business Intelligence BI tools to your Student CRM data

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We can make your Student CRM data available to you in an online data warehouse, with daily updates. This gives you access to more than 80 tables containing over 750 fields so that you can connect your own Business Intelligence tools to it (ie: Qlik, Tableau, PowerBI, etc).

Level 1 - for understanding the student journey

Level 1 supports any BI reports built by universities that look for causal relationships between single or blended recruitment activities and desirable outcomes (Applications and Enrolments). 

For example: “show me a list of students who requested a prospectus, booked and turned up to an applicant open day, and then enrolled for 2017 entry.”

  • Agent Manager (Level 1)

  • Contact Manager (Level 1)

  • Enquiries Data Pack (Level 1)

  • Mobile Event Capture Data Pack (Level 1)

  • Prospectus Requests Capture Data Pack (Level 1)

  • Rapid Response Data Pack (Level 1)

Level 2 - for process improvement

Level 2 supports a deeper interrogation of the constituent parts of specific events and how they affect outcomes. Makes all event settings available at a granular level. 

For example: “do open days with required activity bookings generate more enrolments than those with no required activities?” or “show me all students who booked onto our PG Applicant Open Days 2017 Occurrence, on the date of Sat 13 Jan 2016, for YOE 2017 and also applied to us for our Law Degree Course LW200 but did not enrol.”

  • Applicant Open Days Data Pack (Level 2)

  • Applications Data Pack (Level 2)

  • Core Data Pack (Level 2)

  • Event Manager Data Pack (Level 2)

  • Pre-applicant Open Days Data Pack (Level 2)

  • Web Form Manager Data Pack (Level 2)

You can subscribe to any or all data packs and connect to and use the data in any third-party Business Intelligence platform such as: Power BI, Qlikview, Tableau, IBM Cognos, SAP BusinessObjects BI and Pentaho.

We provide you with an external connection to your own Student CRM Data in our connected Data Warehouse running on Amazon’s Redshift service, hosted in Amazon’s eu-west-1a zone (Ireland).

This service provides a daily updated live data source for off-platform analysis by your preferred Business Intelligence (BI) tool.

Your assigned Business Analyst is responsible for creating your own Reports, Dashboards, Data Refreshes and controlling user access to reports generated.

Whilst Data Harvesting’s preferred BI Tool is Microsoft’s Power BI, you can use any BI Tool that can connect to a remote data source via ODBC, for example, BI solutions from the following providers:

Usually there is no need to involve your ITS as this can be configured from the Business Analyst’s own PC as long as they have some familiarity with the general working of standard BI tools.


We provision dedicated space in a dedicated Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse for the specific purpose of servicing you. This service provision is limited to:

  1. Initial data upload of historic data (a specific number of tables as specified in the selected Data Packs) from Student CRM tables only, by us. This is a static data set for connection and report configuration purposes.

  2. Provision to your university of the ODBC connection credentials and the Connection Guide by us.

  3. Triggering of the regular (weekly or daily) data updates on new and amended records from Student CRM tables (as specified in the selected Data Packs).

Your responsibilities

  1. To configure ODBC connection and table relationships in your BI Tool, using the ODBC connection credentials and the Power BI Connection Guide provided by us.

  2. To configure BI reports and dashboards as required by you in your BI Tool.

  3. To configure Data Refreshes (manual or auto) in your BI Tool.

  4. To configure user access to reports and dashboards generated in your BI Tool.


  1. You can follow the instructions in our Connection Guide and use the ODBC connection credentials provided separately.

  2. You can follow the guidance in our Connection Guide (where the selected tool is Microsoft's Power BI) to create and manage the table relationships.

Report configuration

Please note that, whilst we do not support your selected BI tool, the following resources are available to you where the selected tool is Microsoft's Power BI:

  1. Microsoft’s Power BI Community at:

To find out more 

Need some help? See our Data Packs Troubleshooting article.

You can log in with your Student CRM user details to our Developer Centre

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