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There are 12 Data Packs provided by Student CRM, so in total you can access your own Student CRM data in our cloud data warehouse updated daily on Amazon’s Redshift service, hosted in Amazon’s eu-west-1a zone (Ireland) when you subscribe to our Data Packs service and connect your own BI tools.

Student CRM data packs available:

About levels

Level 1 - is for understanding the student journey

Level 2 - is for process improvement

These data packs are sufficiently extensive to accommodate most needs upon delivery, so when we configure and deliver an app it arrives ready to use. 

If you require extra industry standard fields these can usually be added.

When do I get my Data?

Data Packs refresh at midnight GMT, so you'll get all your new data by 06:00 GMT.

To find out more

Need some help? See our Data Packs Troubleshooting article.

You can log in with your Student CRM user details to our Developer Centre.

See the Change Log on the Developer Center for the latest updates.

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