How to edit an existing Course

There are many ways to amend an existing course - this example explains how to do it in bulk and one-by-one

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If your course is already live and in use, please check this article for the consequences of changing various fields before you make your changes.

Amending a Course manually

This is the most basic way to edit a course. Start by clicking the Edit pencil against the correct course:

Then make the amendments required, such as changing the course from draft to published, or adding tags or a URL:

And click "Save".

Cloning a Full Year in Bulk

By using the "Add a Year" tool, you can clone a full year's worth of courses for one Level of Study at a time. This allows you to create an exact copy of the current year, in draft. See this article for more instructions on how to use this tool.

Bulk Amending via Data Importer

You can also use the Data Importer tool to update courses in bulk - see this article for more details, including the downloadable guide and CSV template.

For example, say you used the Add a Year tool, as above, but need to make amendments to a full set of courses - this would be the tool to use.

Using the Download Courses tool (under the Settings cog) is an excellent way to get a CSV of Courses ready to be amended and reuploaded using the Importer tool.

In the below example, New Forest Uni wants to add two new courses to their Faculty of Business (lines without a Course ID), and also update the tags on the existing courses (lines with a Course ID) for ease of using forms. Tags and Subjects are separated by a pipe character, |, to allow multiple items in this field.

When your CSV is uploaded, all the courses will remain in draft so that you have a chance to double check you're happy before setting them live

The Courses Importer also allows you to add courses up to five years in the future.

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