How do I add a new course?

Creating new courses for your students to apply to

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To add a new course:

  1. Click the Courses app icon from the home page.

  2. Click on the Plus symbol.

  3. Choose the Level of Study you wish to add the course to.

  4. Choose the Year of Entry tab you wish to add the course to.

  5. Click the Add Course button.

  6. Enter the details and select Published. The minimum details required for a new course are Name, Faculty and Intake Month.

  7. Select at least one Course Intake month*.

  8. Click the Save button.

Your new course is now in the course list for that Level of Study and Year of Entry.

โ— Please Note:

You must use a course code or UCAS code when you are integrating with other systems using the codes. For example, when using the Applications app where your course codes need to map to those in Student CRM.

*Course fees are not required unless you are using Active Applications where you are using deposits.

Creating courses for a new Year of Entry

If you are creating courses for a Level of Study with no previous courses, you must ensure that the first Year of Entry you use is correct, as you cannot then backdate courses while using the Course Creation modal.

For example, when creating courses with an intake of January 2021, the Year of Entry must be 2020. If the Level of Study does not have courses in 2020, you must create this course first.

To create courses prior to the first Year of Entry, we recommend using the Courses Importer.

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