Sending an email to gather Permission

Ask for consent via email from those who may have only been implied before

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If you are following Plan B to gather consents from your existing prospects, you can follow the steps below to create a Opt-in Campaign:

  1. Set up an appropriate Consent and Topic in your Privacy Centre and make it Live. Make sure you have at least one mandatory Topic.

  2. Customise your Privacy Centre by updating the Settings.

  3. Select this as the Permissions Page - Consent Pack in the Privacy Centre Settings

  4. Add your own message in the Permissions Page - Consent Pack 

  5. Create an email Campaign inviting them to give you consent, including the URL below

  6. We recommend you test your email Campaign first by sending to a test Segment including your own email address.

  7. Create a Segment in Student Database of the students you wish to contact

  8. Send your Campaign

If you wish to gather an opt in Consent from students, you can use the following Privacy Centre link in your opt-in emails.

This link will merge in the student's UUID (a unique ID code) and take them to a permissions page in the Privacy Centre.

Once they have consented, they can create a Privacy Centre login if they wish.

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