The Dashboard (or Overview) is the first thing you'll see in many Student CRM apps. You'll get a Dashboard in Applications (UCAS and direct), Mobile Event Capture, Prospectus Requests, Rapid Response and Student Database.

Its job is to give you a top level overview of what's going on in your app. It's the first level of reporting within Student CRM.

So what can it tell you?

We'll take an example from Prospectus Requests. This Dashboard shows Top 10, plus Activity for the current calendar year:

Top 10:

Select from a number of options in order to see the Top 10 values for that field, over the last 30 days. This lets you know the most popular answers to questions you have asked on your Prospectus Request form. For example, where they heard about your Establishment (Enquiry Source).


Compare last year's activity to this year. Your current requests per month are show in the green bar chart. Last year's is shown in the red line. Hover over each month to see the numbers:

The Dashboard or Overview in Mobile Event Capture, Rapid Response and Student Database also contains the Activity chart and/or Top 10.


In the Student Database, you'll also see a module called 'Tasks'. This shows your tasks (tasks assigned to you by other users or you) alongside other users' tasks.

Other types of Dashboards:

Applications also has a Dashboard, which shows tasks and activity and the numbers of applications in each Category (Status).

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