Who does Student CRM send emails out 'from'?

Student CRM, by default, does NOT require SPF or DKIM involving your own domain.

The unique DH assigned IP we assign to your email sending account does NOT need to be a permitted sender in your SPF record in your DNS.

There is nothing for you to do, as your domain is not reputationally associated with the actual sender of the email.

Our mailing service is technically a third-party email service that generates emails, hence the "from" email looks like:

NFU Enquiries <enquiries@uni.ac.uk> via client.student-crm.com

Students will already be getting similarly formatted emails sent through social networking sites offering an email service or sent through a mailing list that they've subscribed to. To date all clients have gone with this default and we get good deliverability.


We do not spoof. We never send out from your domain by default. It would fail all ISPs' authentication checks, and our own internal processes.

Using your domain

If you want to remove the 'via' so it looks like this:

NFU Enquiries <enquiries@uni.ac.uk>

then you will need to publish an SPF record that includes the unique DH assigned IP, and we can sign all emails with the DKIM signature that is associated with your domain.

This requires your ITS to get involved, and to manage your DNS records carefully in the future.

IP Reputation Management

We measure IP reputation of all IPs we send out on. This is a score out of 100%. If it drops to say 94% we will talk to you and see what you did yesterday to get a drop in the score and work with you to repair it over the next few broadcasts. If a drop is sustained it may greylist emails from that IP for a few days, but we have not had a customer blacklisted, and I can't remember a greylisting either.

Student CRM has several data hygiene policies that support the IP Reputation score (we do not want customers to burn our IPs) so:

  • we do NOT allow role addresses in data imports, ie; 'reception@test.com'

  • we validate email data at entry

  • we enforce strict permission policies

  • we offer marketer the option of 'transactional' or 'marketing' when sending manual campaigns

  • we collect data in accordance with all legislation.

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