Scenario: you receive an email that a student has sent to your email address. Ideally, you now want all future emails like this one to be handled in your enquiries app.

(Actually, in an ideal world you would require all enquiries to be made via a Student CRM web form - however, once the 'enquiries@' genie is out of the bottle, is it extremely difficult to get it back in).

Fortunately, you can send such emails for processing inside your Enquiries app:

  • A. all emails (you set up a redirect and never see those emails in your inbox again)

  • B. one at a time (you pick and choose which ones to individually forward)

A. Sending all emails into Enquiries (redirecting)

Step 1: In Student CRM, find your unique inbound email address in Settings > Inbound Email and copy it to your clipboard.

Step 2: Ask your university email administrator to set up a REDIRECT for that inbox, ie:

"Please can we redirect all emails that we receive at to - so that Student CRM can process them inside our Enquiries app?"

(TIP: send them the link to this article too.)

Processing emails

  • If you are redirecting emails from a Microsoft email client, we recommend setting this to ‘Outlook Redirect’.

  • If you are redirecting from anything else (ie: Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo, etc) leave it as Default’.

B. Sending emails into Enquiries one at a time (forwarding)

This is what a typical Inbound Email address looks like:

(Please Note: the email address cannot be changed or made more attractive in any way due to system limitations.)

Step 1: In Student CRM, find your unique inbound email address in Settings > Inbound Email and copy it to your clipboard.

Step 2: In your own email client, paste it and save into your own email address book with a memorable name like 'NFU Enquiries' and then FORWARD the student's enquiry email to that saved address:

Step 3: In Student CRM, find that forwarded email in your enquiries queue in the Enquiries app.

Step 4. Enquiries will try and pull out the student email address and match it with an existing student. If it can't you'll be prompted to create a student record.

How to ignore emails from certain addresses

Please note: The "Ignored Email Address" list is not an anti-spam list.

This list ensures that when an Inbound Email arrives, the Enquiries app will not attempt to match or create a student record with this address. This allows you the opportunity to delete the enquiry without also having to delete a student record.

If you want to ignore emails from certain addresses you can add them in the 'Ignore Emails' section. List individual emails here such as or ignore all emails from an entire domain at once using a wildcard *


Q. Why does my IEM have no HTML?

A. HTML is removed from all inbound emails due to security concerns.

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