Occasionally you may want to forward an enquiry to an expert outside of the Student CRM, for example, a question to a specific Professor about their course. 

  1. Inside the enquiry, click the Expert tab

  2. You can either ask for advice or hand the whole enquiry over to the expert - just click the corresponding options.

  3. Next, select the expert you want to email from the dropdown, or add a new expert’s details.

  4. The system will automatically fill in the subject line, the student's first message, and the expert's name. Depending on the option chosen, a template will also be added, either requesting help, or the expert takes over the enquiry. You can also add further detail to this message if you wish.

  5. Click Send and the expert will receive an email with the student’s enquiry, which they can reply back to, or reply directly to the student.

Forwarding an enquiry doesn't require the third party (expert) to have a Student CRM account. All the details (including the enquirer's email address) will be included in the email the third party receives. From this information the third party can then get in contact with the enquirer outside of the Student CRM.

Once the expert responds to the student, you'll see their first reply back to the student. This assurance then means you can close the enquiry.

Please note: Direct replies from the Expert to the Enquirer will have the "crossed-eye" symbol against them. This is because the CRM cannot track emails sent outside the system, and this message is for your piece of mind that the Expert has contacted the student.


Q. How do I manage my list of experts?

A. Go to the Setup: Experts tab. Here you can add, edit, delete or change the status of any of your experts.

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