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Mastering Mobile Event Capture at this season's recruitment events
Mastering Mobile Event Capture at this season's recruitment events

A checklist to make sure you catch everything before heading out

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How to prepare when capturing data with Mobile Event Capture (MEC) and the Mobile Event Pad app for iPad or Android tablet.

Before you leave the office to attend the event, make sure everything is set up for your Event both in MEC and on your tablet.

  1. Is your Event published, with the right dates and with the correct Capture form?

  2. Is your tablet up to date with the latest operating system?

  3. Have you got the latest version of Mobile Event Pad on your device?

  4. Open up the app on your device and enter your token and pin. Forgotten your pin?

  5. To make sure you've got the latest form and to download new events, update your occurrences in Settings.

  6. If everything looks good, then you might want to do a quick test entry, just to make sure. Sync it back so you can check that the record is going into the correct Event in MEC.

All done? Then you're ready to go! If you're prepared as above, once you're at your event you can collect data offline, as we know that the wi-fi at events can be very congested or patchy. When you are back at the hotel or office, you can sync all of the records you've collected into Mobile Event Capture.

Last but not least... have a Plan B. 

Even the best prepared of us can have a nightmare day and no technology is perfect.

If you're attending an event on your own, please make sure you have a backup plan for collecting details from the prospects you meet, just in case.

Good luck, and have a great day!

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