Your Mobile Event Pad data capture forms are created to make sure you get all of the important information you need from your prospective students at events. Here's some things to think about when you are designing your form.

1.Mobile Event Pad Forms allow you to capture data using all the usual tools. Text fields, numeric fields, radio buttons and checkboxes. The CRM Support team can advise you on the best form capture tools for each field in order to get solid, valid data from your students.

2. As your Mobile Event Pad form needs to work when you're offline, it can't contain dynamic fields. That means it can't pull down live data from Student CRM and update 'on the fly'. With one exception, which is course lists.

3. The one dynamic field available for Mobile Event Pad forms is your Course List. If you have one on your form, you can make sure you have the latest list by using 'Update Occurrences' in your Mobile Event Pad Settings menu.

4. You can use your tablet in either portrait or landscape mode. The form will need to be designed to best work with your preference. The majority of forms are designed to be used portrait, because it allows you to have more fields visible without scrolling down.

5. We think about 6 or 7 fields would be about the right amount of data to capture at a busy event. Your students may be pressed for time, and longer forms could result in the student skipping through the form and adding duff data. However, if you're using Mobile Event Pad forms to capture data at an interview, then a longer form might be necessary. Read about the pros and cons of shorter forms here.

6. Your form can contain hidden admin fields as well. These aren't visible to your students. When you perform the secret gesture to get back to the Mobile Event Pad app, it allows you to 'Edit the last entry'. From here you can add Private Notes or another bit of important information. You might want to have a status field, which allows you quickly categorise what the status of your relationship is with the student. You can then have specific touchpoint emails sent to students with a particular status. 

7. We will make sure your form includes the appropriate branding for a series of events. Because we can set up multiple templates for you, you can choose the design which suits that event, including local branding or styling.

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