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How do I add 'Special Requirements' to my booking form?
How do I add 'Special Requirements' to my booking form?

Collect access requirements on you Pre-Applicant Open Days booking form

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You can add an extra field to your Pre-applicant Open Day booking form called 'Special Requirements'. This is simply a free-text field that you can use to collect information on a student's special requirements or disabilities for their booking. An example of how this might be used would include collecting a requirement for wheelchair access or the attendance of a guide dog.

Enable the field and change the label

Turn on the field in the 'Template' tab in Setup. Here you can also change the name of the field label as it appears on the booking form itself. There's a character limit of 255 on the name.

The field will now appear on the personal details page of the booking form. The field is not required for completion of the form.

View Special Requirements

You can see the Special Requirements for each booking on the Bookings page for each student. If Special Requirements data has been collected, you will see a 'Yes' in the Special Reqs column.

The details of the requirement will be visible on the Booking page itself.

Edit Special Requirements

A CRM user can edit data entered into the Special Requirements field using the 'Edit Booking' button.

Download Special Requirements

The Special Requirements data will be available in the Full Day, Activity and Faculty CSV downloads and also in the Grab downloads.

Disable the field

You can hide field on the booking form at any time. Just untick the 'Enable' checkbox on the Template tab. The Special Requirements data that has been collected against existing bookings will still be available.

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