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What is a Touchpoint?
What is a Touchpoint?

The low-down on Student CRM's automated communications system

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A Touchpoint is the term used for the automated communications sent by Student CRM.

Each communication on a Workflow is called a Touchpoint.

There are different types of Touchpoint:

  1. Email Touchpoints

  2. SMS Touchpoints

  3. Letter Touchpoints

  4. Label Touchpoints

Touchpoints can be conditional, for example, a specific email will only be sent to students in the UK.

Touchpoints can contain conditional text, for instance, where most of the text is going to be the same for everyone, except you want to insert a different sentence with a link to the Undergraduate or Postgraduate students. You may use this example in your Prospectus Requests.

If no conditions are set, all students will be placed onto the Touchpoint - this is known as Catch-All.

A note about Email Consent: Touchpoints are assumed to be transactional in nature (details about a booking, for instance) therefore they do not follow the "Opt-in/ Out" rules that govern campaigns. This means that a student may receive an email, even if they are opted-out of receiving emails.

To ensure that Student who are opted-out of receiving emails do not receive these, we recommend adding the condition "Student Opt_in_email = 1 (yes)" to your touchpoint.

Where are Touchpoints?

You can find your Touchpoints by clicking the Set-up cog, then the Workflows tab. All Touchpoints are nested under the Workflow and can be accessed by clicking the blue number under the "touchpoints" heading. This is the same for all Apps.

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