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Letter Touchpoints

Setting up a letter Touchpoint

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Step 1: About

Please see this article for the basic set-up. Remember to set the Touchpoint as "draft" to edit.

Step 2: Timings

This step will allow you to set when you want the Touchpoint to go out. It will only get sent at a set time and date.

Step 3: Letter Properties

There are three sections to this step.

  • Notifications - If set, the CRM will send an email to the nominated address once the PDFs have been generated. This email contains a link to download the PDF and mark it as printed in the CRM. Regardless of whether you set a notification, the PDF file will be available to download in the PDF Log tab.

  • Margins - Use the margins settings to control how the letter content is placed on the page. It is helpful to set margins when you have headed stationery.

  • Signature Image - This is an image that gets inserted as a signature into a letter. If you wish to change an existing image, then a new one can be uploaded in its place, or no image can be set at all. To use a signature image, place the merge field β€œ[xxxsignature_imagexxx]” into the letter content.

Step 4: Content

Use the text editor to write your letter. The letter can be enhanced with merge fields and conditional text. See this article to learn more about merge fields and this article to learn more about conditional text.

Step 5: Conditions (Optional)

You can use conditions to send your Touchpoints to specific students. For example, you could send a Touchpoint to all students with a Year of Entry of 2019.Β 

To do this, click the Plus icon and choose your conditions from the drop-down lists available. Be aware that any dates must be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD, for example, 2019-01-01 for 1st January 2019.
For more advice on conditions, see this FAQ.

Step 6: Preview

Before you set your Touchpoint live, you have the option to review your work. In this view, you can see how your letter will appear. You can also download the preview to check that it will print correctly on your stationery.

Once you are happy with your work, you can change the status to live. You should then see a green confirmation banner.

You're all finished! Your Touchpoint is live and will send when all conditions are met. If you need to amend the Touchpoint, pause your workflow, then set the Touchpoint back to "draft". You can also archive your Touchpoint.

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