Once you have set up your Course and Subject relationships, you can use this to collect Subject of Interest from your potential students and enquirers.

Subject lists can be used on Rapid Response, Prospectus Requests, Pre-Applicant Open Days and Mobile Event Capture.

Why use subjects?

It's a much shorter list than a full course list and therefore much better for prospects who haven't yet decided on a course.

For example, Subjects can be added to a Mobile Event Capture form. Your potential student speaks to your staff at a Student Fair and fills in their details, indicating an interest in Law and Legal Studies. That information is then synced to Student CRM.

What can we do with Subject information?

Once you've recorded this information, it can be used in several ways.

  1. Send your student customised automated communications, based on their Subject preference. This could be a whole separate email or SMS touchpoint based on the choice, or perhaps you could merge in conditional text based on Subject.

  2. Search and Grab for all of the students interested in Law and Legal Studies. You can download them or send them an ad-hoc email or SMS.

The Subject will also be updated on the Student Record so you can use the data for searches within Student Database.

Note: Subjects on DIY forms for PRQ and RAP are now smarter. This means if a student selects a Year or Level of Study where there are no Courses in that Subject - it won't show the Subject at all. No empty subjects.

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