Templates are organised by adding them to Collections. Collections are used to share your templates with users in certain occurrences across Student CRM.

Those templates can be draft or published, but only the published templates appear when you share that folder with your Occurrences.

Creating a New Collection

  1. Inside the Collections tab, click the Plus icon

  2. Give your Collection a name and a description and click "save"

  3. Use the Plus icon to select some occurrences to share your templates with

  4. Use the Plus icon further down the page to add a template to share with the above occurrences

  5. Publish the collection, and you're all done!


Q. Are you trying to select an email template, but it's just not showing in the app or occurrence you are in?


  1. Check to see if the Template you want is in Template Builder, and that template is published.

  2. Check to see that the template is in a Collection in Template Builder, and that Collection is published.

  3. Check to see that the Collection is shared with the Occurrence you want to select it from.

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