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Nurture your relationships by keeping automated content up-to-date

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The Touchpoints tab in Pulse is where you can keep the content in your automated communications up-to-date. It lists all your Email, SMS, Letter, and Label touchpoints. It is one central list of every Touchpoint across all apps.

⏱️ Saves time: no more visiting every occurrence one at a time. Do it all from here.

What can you do in Pulse: Touchpoints?

  1. Send instant email previews to yourself (or others) - remind yourself what that looks like.

  2. Instantly download the letters and labels PDFs.

  3. See the Email Report - has the CTR% gone up or down recently?

  4. Edit the Touchpoint - got a better CTA in mind?

  5. Jump to the Workflow it is in - see the other Touchpoints.

  6. Jump to the Email template it was based on - and all others that use that Template too.

  7. See when the content was updated - was it really 2 years ago you set that one up?

  8. Filter by App, Channel, Touchpoint Status, Workflow Status, Tag, and descriptions.

  9. Download all Touchpoints in a CSV file (for offline checking and viewing your creativity).

Example 1: Sam checks her applicant emails

Example: Sam wants to check her Applicant Email Touchpoints have all got strong CTAs, and are getting clicked.

This is what Sam might do:

  1. Filter by 'Applicant Open Days', Choose 'Email' and 'live'. She sees 12 emails.

  2. Mousing over all emails to see the quick preview, she spots a rogue email.

  3. By changing the CTA text link to a big blue button, Sam expects more clicks from now on.

  4. She personalises the subject line and adds an emoji, which stands out in the inbox now.

  5. She tags all 12 Email touchpoints with 'sam-ok-2023'.

Example 2: Sam sees which emails use the same template

Example: Sam is about to update a Template in the 'Template Builder' app but wants to know how many touchpoints currently use it.

This is what Sam might do:

  1. Sam finds her old Template in the 'Template Builder' app, and notes the ID "1234".

  2. Back in Pulse, Sam searches for that ID, and it instantly finds all her touchpoints that use that old template. There are 24.

  3. Back in the 'Template Builder' app, she updates the old Template with her new branding. It is now ready to be used.

  4. Sam knows that just because she has updated the Template, it did not automatically update all 24 touchpoints, so she goes back to Pulse where they are waiting.

  5. One by one she can now edit and apply the new template. In under 5 minutes the whole task is complete. She tags all 24 Email touchpoints with 'sam-ok-2023'.


Q. What is the best frequency to check my touchpoints?

A. After your first full audit - we say monthly. Soon enough to rescue any underperformers but not so soon that it feels like a chore.

Q. Why do I see some touchpoints that my colleagues don't see?

A. Each user sees the touchpoints from the apps and occurrences that they have permission to see. No permission, no touchpoint.

Q. Can anybody edit a touchpoint?

A. Only users with SuperUser access to that touchpoint's occurrence can edit them - others just see them but can't edit them.

Q. How can I show somebody else all our Touchpoints and Email Templates?

A. Just download the CSV from the Touchpoints tab, that CSV file contains links to your Touchpoints and Email Templates for those who are not logged into Student CRM.

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