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How to see the log of Agent activities & changes

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Anything you do in Agent Manager is recorded and tracked as an activity or a change. All activities for agents working within the same agency are then aggregated under that agency. This builds a useful contact history between you and your Agents.


There are two types of activity that are recorded: Comms and Notes. You can see the activities of an agency or an agent by viewing the Activities tab further down the page.

Click on Show more to read the full activity log for that entry. 


Agent Manager makes a record of any new information that is added, edited, or deleted. It records the user, the date and time, and the information before and after the change. For example: if the CRM user Sue Smith changed an agency's name from ‘ABC agency’ to ‘ABC Agency Ltd.’ at 15:34 on 15 Mar 2015, all those details would be saved as a ‘change’. Each change activity is a permanent record and cannot be edited or deleted.

If the change is carried out by the system automatically, rather than by a user manually, this activity is also recorded as a change.

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