You may find that students cannot log into their Application Portal, or when they click on Reset My Password they get the following message:

If this happens it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • The email address held by the system, and the address used by the student do not match. To fix, ensure these two addresses match.

  • The system holds an incorrect email. To fix, note the correct email address down, go to the student's application, then click on Activity Log. Find their offer letter and view it. The offer letter will contain a link to the application portal. Go to this URL and paste the student's email address in the email address field and press Reset Password. This will send them an email prompting them to reset their password. Please advise the student to check their Spam/Junk folder if they don't receive the email.

  • The email address was updated via an API. To fix, check your feed against the email address the student submitted in the application form. Do this by going to the student's application in APS and clicking on View Application. If the addresses are different, you'll need to update your API feed with the correct email address.

If none of these steps has solved the problem, please get in contact and we'll be happy to investigate further.

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