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See the important details about your Applicant and their Application

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At the top of the View Application page, you can see the details of the Student (applicant), and the specific Application record.

Student Details

This includes personal identification numbers, such as the UCAS Personal ID and MIS Code (SRS ID), their Nationality, Address, Date or Birth etc.

From the Triple dot More Options menu you can jump to the Student's record in Student Database.

If the Student has more than one application, you can jump to it by using the tick in the grey bar next to the student's ID number.

Application Details

In Passive Applications, this includes the details provided in the feed from your SRS. It includes the Application Course and Year of Entry, and importantly the Status of this application.

Status is one of the main data points which allows you to personalise the touchpoints sent to the applicant as the application progresses in your SRS. Status also controls which Workflow this application will move to, depending on your Workflow Conditions.

You can see further details about the Application on the Applications tab, more detail about the activity on the application on the Activity Log tab, and any Applicant Open Day bookings on the Open Days Bookings tab.


Q. How can I quickly skip through all application in a listing?

A. By using the rolodex arrows above the cards.

Q. What does 'Last Contact' mean?

A. This is the date/time stamp for the most recent update to the Application.

Q. What is 'Agent Email'?

A. If your overseas applications are being gathered by an Agent, this lets you email a copy of the application to the Agent so they know to help the Student progress the application.

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