Application Portal - the Student's View

Where your Applicants access their application form, view progress and upload supporting documentation.

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Active Applications can use an Application Portal. This portal is where students can finish off an incomplete application form, upload documents and view progress on their application's status.

Let's have a look at a Portal:

Once the student has saved their Application form (complete or incomplete), they can be sent a link to your portal where they can log in with their password, set on the Application form:

The first thing the student sees on logging on is a list of all their applications, including the status of the applications:

Clicking into the application allows the student to:

  • See any messages they might have been sent by an officer

  • See the status of their application and the status tips (if being used)

  • View their completed application or complete an incomplete application

  • Withdraw their application at any time

The course applied for, student details and Application Status are always listed at the top so the student can be sure which application they're looking at.

The Documents tab allows the student to upload supporting evidence, such as their passport, visa applications, or qualification certificates.

Here they can also see all the documents against their application, including the PDF of the application and any letters

The Change Password tab allows the student to amend the password associated with the email address they use to access the portal:

Contact Us tab takes the student to an Enquiries form of your choosing, allowing them to send in questions, while the Help tab takes the student to a Knowledgebase FAQ to search for help instead.

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