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How do I relate Organisations to each other?
How do I relate Organisations to each other?

Linking Parent Organisations to subsidiaries or franchises

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Some organisations will have a relationship or link with other organisations in your list. For instance, you might have a Head Office and 5 satellite offices. Or the headquarters of a restaurant chain and 20 local restaurants.

Click on the green plus icon to Add a Relationship. You can then name the type of relationship, for example 'is UK head office of'. Then simply search for another organisation that you want to relate it to

Contact Manager allows you to relate a 'parent' organisation to other organisations within the Related tab on the Organisation record.

To add another child organisation, just repeat the process above.

A single organisation can be a parent and a child. So in this example, Hughes-Carter is a regional subsidiary of Global Headquarters, Hall Group.

Please note that all relationships are created from the parent organisations record.

Relationships can be deleted by clicking on the edit pencil in the parent record:

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