How can I implement PDF Letters in Applications?

How to send your students' letters without the postal fees

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The Applications app has a feature that allows you to automatically generate a PDF Letter for an application, and link to that PDF Letter in the relevant touchpoint.

Applications currently has four PDF Letter types, these are; Conditional & Unconditional Offer Letters, Reject Letter, Declined Letter, and CAS Letter.
The feature is designed so that you can automatically email a link to an a PDF letter, which the student can download and then print it, and it will be exactly as if you had posted the letter to the student. But with none of the cost!

Setting up Templates

Use the tools under Setup: Letters to upload your letter template and signature image, and change the content zone margins. You can then use the individual letter editors to edit what will be sent to the student.

Using the "download" action next to each letter will allow you to download a preview PDF of each letter to ensure your margins are correct.

Using the Letters

To insert the PDF Letter download link into a touchpoint, simply use the special mail merge tag for the type of letter you wish to send.

You can also turn this into a text link (rather than just the raw URL) by using the link wizard and selecting the "<other>" option for the protocol type, as shown below.

If you are using the Applications Student Portal, your students can also download their letters directly from the Portal's Documents tab:

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