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Troubleshooting the Event Day Scanner app
Troubleshooting the Event Day Scanner app

Common issues and FAQs about Event Day Scanner

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Users not showing up on "Get Scanner" list

A user will only show up if they have both "Works at events" checked and a mobile number listed on their profile:

Not scanning?

There could be several reasons why you can’t scan a visitors’ phone:

  • Is the visitor showing you their mobile entry pass email?

  • Fix: Scroll up and down to check it is an email.

  • Is the visitor’s screen not bright enough?

  • Fix: Increase the screen brightness.

  • Is the visitor’s screen too small?

  • Fix: Rotate the visitor’s phone from portrait to landscape to make the barcode bigger.

  • Is it a sunny day and the visitor’s screen has reflections?

  • Fix: Tilt the visitor’s phone downwards slightly to remove reflections from the sky.

Something else gone wrong? Send us the logs from the scanning device.

  1. Click the Settings Cog

  2. Click "View Logs"

  3. Click "Send to Server"

This will send the logs through to us so our Technical Team can diagnose your issue.

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