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Event Day Scanner app screenshots
Event Day Scanner app screenshots

See what this free app looks like on your Smartphone

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1. Opening the app

This splash screen displays for a few seconds:

2. Your event code

Upon arrival, you enter your personal event code (this is unique to you, on this day and only for this one event so don't share it). This is sent to your smart phone by your team leader from Student CRM. They will send you a new personal code each time you help out at an event.

3. Event statistics

This screen shows you how many visitors you have personally scanned on the day, just for the event you are welcoming visitors to. Just press the 'SCAN NOW' button to register a visitor.

4. Scanning each visitor

Simply ask each visitor to show you their event pass on their mobile and scan it in. Even when visitors present their event pass upside-down, it still scans ok.

5. Successful scan

Each time you scan you see this screen message:

6. Settings

This app works best when these default settings are used. Each visitor's barcode scan is immediately synced to Student CRM in the cloud as you go.

7. Your Log

To help you remember what you did, everything is logged, together with the time and date. Great for those of us who are too busy to make notes throughout the day.

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