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What the Event Day Scanner app does
What the Event Day Scanner app does

Your events team can scan attendees' QR Codes to register attendance using only their iOS or Android phones.

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This lets you scan visitors who have booked onto:

  • your Applicant Open Days events

  • your Pre-applicant Open Days events

  • your Event Manager events

This app is used by your events officers and your student ambassadors (users) on the day to register visitor attendance at your events using just their smartphones.

On the day: when your pre-booked visitors arrive they show a user their mobile entry pass on their smartphone, and the user scans each one. It only take a few seconds to do.

Upon each scan, the visitor’s QR Code is converted into their unique booking reference number ie: ‘123456789’,  is stored and then sent into the cloud to be processed by the correct event in Student CRM. 

This is what your users scan (this QR Code will give the example booking ID 999999999):

Processing marks that visitor as having attended the event and deletes the booking numbers from your user’s smartphone. No personal data is ever stored on your phone.

In the app, users can see how many they have scanned and how many they have sent into Student CRM.

You can have as many users all using the Event Day Scanner app to register visitors as you like. It doesn’t matter if a visitor gets scanned later in the day by a different user, only the first scan is recorded in Student CRM.

Within Student CRM you can see a real-time report of arrivals as they arrive and get scanned in throughout the day.

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