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How to use the Event Day Scanner
How to use the Event Day Scanner

How to get the most from the Event Day Scanner before, during and after the event.

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Before the Event

Set up your event or open day as normal within Event Manager, Applicant Open Days, or Pre-Applicant Open Days Apps.

Go to the “Get Scanner” tab.

Select your Event from the dropdown.

Select the Student Ambassadors that you want to use the app, or add them from the Users app. Please note, only users who have a mobile number and "works at events" checked will show up in the search.

The right-hand side of the screen will display the SMS text editor. There is already some sample text there which should suit most needs, and includes the download link for the app. It also includes the merge field "[xxxEds.codexxx]" which will supply the recipient with a unique event code for use in the app.

Click “Send”, to send this out to your Student Ambassadors.

Once your Student Ambassadors receive their SMSs, they can then use the link to download the app from either the Apple App Store, or Google Play on Android.

Once the app is installed, and permissions are granted to use the phone’s camera, the Student Ambassador can input their unique code to log into the app.

The app should then recognise the Student Ambassador, and show the correct event you’ve assigned them to.

To try a test scan before the visitor start arriving, ask a colleague to browse to our test barcode and scan that one.

On the Day

We recommend you meet up with your Student Ambassadors before the event to ensure everyone’s App is working correctly and knows what they’re doing. The app should read “0 unsent” at the start of the day.

Once in the event, the Student Ambassadors will be able to very quick scan both print and digital bookings. The app will display a large green “Scanned OK” check mark once the booking scanned successfully. If a barcode is scanned twice, it doesn't matter as the CRM will automatically deduplicate these records later.


If you’re having trouble scanning:

  • Tap the screen to force the camera to focus on the barcode. 

  • Check you have enough light - with digital screens the brightness may need to be turned up for contrast, and for paper barcodes ensure enough light is hitting the page

  • Check for glare, as some cameras have difficulty seeing barcodes through reflections and glare on another screen. Try tilting the screen to remove the glare or reflections.

  • Check the digital barcode is big enough. You may need to change to orientation of the visitor’s screen, or zoom in on the barcode.

By default, the app has “Auto-Sync” enabled. This means that as long as the app has mobile or wifi signal, it will send bookings to the CRM every minute.

If the app loses signal or has to be operated offline, the bookings data will be stored on the app until signal is restored, when it will send near-instantly. If Auto-Sync is switched off, the bookings will be stored on the app until they are manually sent by clicking “Send Unsent Scans”.

After the Event

We recommend once again meeting up with your Student Ambassadors, preferably somewhere with signal or wifi to check-in and perform a final sync of the app to the CRM. Even with hundreds of records, this upload should be near-instant.


  • If the app has trouble sending bookings data, even with Auto-Sync enabled and internet access present, you can manually force bookings to upload by pressing “Send Unsent Scans”

After the Day

After the event is fully over and all bookings have been uploaded to the CRM, you can mark them off as “attended”.

Go to the relevant app within the CRM.

Go to “Attendees” tab.

A check mark should already be in place for everyone that was scanned by the Student Ambassadors.

Click the “More Options” dots, then click “Confirm Attendees”.


Use the reporting tools to see when your visitors arrived, and other metrics.

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