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Web Form Builder Permissions
Web Form Builder Permissions

See who can do what in the Web Form Manager app

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Read-Only users can:  

  • Can view the list of web forms

  • Can download a list of webforms as a list

  • Can download a list of webforms as a grid

  • Can view a webform's settings

  • Can open the webform

  • Can share the webform

  • Can copy the code snippet

  • Can filter the stats

  • Can go to where the data lives

  • Can view the list of templates

Read-Write users can also: 

  • Can add a new webform

  • Can edit a draft webform's settings

  • Can set a webform into "safe mode"

  • Can discard changes made in "safe mode"

  • Can set a webform live

  • Can archive a webform

  • Can clone a webform

  • Can add location note

  • Can edit location note

  • Can add/ upload a Document

  • Can edit a Document

  • Can download a Document

  • Can add note

  • Can edit note

  • Can create a template from an existing form

  • Can create a new form from a template

  • Can generate a thumbnail preview

Super Users can also: 

  • Can add GDPR status options

  • Can edit GDPR status options

  • Can delete GDPR status options

  • Can add tracking codes in settings

  • Can edit tracking codes in settings

  • Can delete tracking codes in settings

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