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Event Manager Permissions

See who can do what in the Event Manager app

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Read-Only users can:  

  • View the events list

  • View the event overview

  • View the PDF log tab

  • View a booking

  • View the participants list

  • View bookings from the Particpant’s list

  • View the invite lists

  • Edit the Event Access Code SMS

  • Send users the Event Access Code SMS

Read-Write users can also: 

  • Download a list of events

  • View Visitors arriving

  • Do a Full Day Download

  • Edit a booking

  • Delete a booking

  • Edit bookings from the Particpant’s list

  • Add a booking from the Particpant’s list

  • Select users to send the Event Code to

Super Users can also: 

  • View the "Who has Access" tab

  • Add an event

  • Edit an event

  • Delete an event

  • Clone an event

  • Confirm visitors

  • Set the look & feel of the booking form

  • Preview the form

  • Set up touchpoints

  • Pause/ unpause workflows

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