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See who can do what in the Applications - Active app

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Read-Only users can:

  • View the Dashboard

  • View the Applications tab

  • View the Applications in a Status Listing

  • View the Portal tab

  • View the In-App reports tab

  • View the Ad-hocs tab

  • View the Forms tab (and edit, if applicable permissions in WFB are enabled)

  • View the "More Info" tab on an application

  • View the "Activity Log" tab on an application

  • Download the PDF of an Application

  • Add a Task on an Application (if Tasks are used)

  • Edit the Applicant's details (if applicable permissions in SDB are enabled)

  • View offers & conditions

  • View the list of documents

  • Download a document

  • View referees

  • View Applicant Open Day bookings

Read-Write users can also:

  • View a Student's application form

  • Perform actions on an application

  • Edit details on the "More Info" tab

  • Edit an application

  • Send a single instant email

  • Send a single instant SMS

  • Send a Portal message (If Application Portal is being used)

  • Add a Note

  • Edit a task

  • Complete a task

  • Satisfy some Conditions

  • Upload a document

  • Edit a document

  • Delete a document

  • View the "Who has Access" tab

Super Users can also:

  • Manually move an application between statuses

  • Satisfy all conditions on an application

  • Edit offer & conditions on an application

  • Set up the Applicant Portal (if being used)

  • Set up Email Templates

  • Set up Letters

  • Create Workflows and Touchpoints

  • Create Grabs and Adhocs

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