We provide 3 levels of support - Basic, Standard and Premium.

Who is the Basic Support Package for? Our Basic Support Package is the most cost-effective support for self-directed users. If you like rummaging, experimenting and doing your own thing, and don't mind a modestly-paced response from our UK support team, this is for you.

What is included? See below: 


About: Student CRM's Basic Support helps guide you around the system. The friendly Student CRM folk are available to signpost you to useful articles in the online Help Centre to support your exploration and experimentation in the system. Using our online system, you can create support requests 24:7 that our UK support team responds to as follows:

  • Support requests responded to within 2 business days.

  • Support requests resolved within 6 business days.


About: Student CRM's Basic Training supplies you with video tours, helpful tips, and help articles, allowing you to to learn Student CRM at your own pace.

  • In-app on-boarding

  • Self-paced learning

Account Management

About: Your Student CRM Account Manager is available for the duration of your subscription and provides you with your Annual Service Report after every 12 months, and the following account management services during business hours:

  • Finances: sending you quotations for extra credit packs, or new subscriptions

  • Subscription: monitoring your use of each app.

  • Upgrades: making you aware of new free and paid for features and services

  • Satisfaction: measuring your satisfaction with what you are getting.

Other Services

About: To access the following services you need to upgrade from your Basic Customer Support package:

  • Bespoke user training sessions

  • Bespoke web forms

  • Bespoke best practice projects

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