Used to display the correct consents and topics in your web forms so you can communicate with prospects in a GDPR compliant way.

The Privacy Centre App lets you set up GDPR-compliant Consents and Topics. These are used primarily on forms to explain to a student why you are collecting their data, and what you would like to contact them about in future.

The second is to set up the Student Privacy Centre portal. This is where the student can manage their consents, topics and personal data. It also allows you to add categories and other details to the "Contact Us" page.

You can style the portal to better reflect your establishment's needs, and also preview how the portal will look for a student.

How to access Privacy Centre

Check with your User Admin to see if your university has got a subscription to this app:

  • If you have a subscription to this app, just ask your User Admin to add you as a user.

  • If you haven't got a subscription to this app, contact Customer Support and we will happily set you up a remote demo and answer any questions you and your team may have

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