Privacy centre is both the name of the app that governs how your consents and topics are created and the name of the portal where Students can manage what marketing communications they receive from you.

When setting up your Privacy Centre (PRV) app, you need to consider how your establishment already deals with student's privacy matters. Do you have a single privacy statement, no matter what channel the student enters the CRM, or do you have a different statement for each method?

Many of our establishments have separate Consent Packs (an amalgamation of topics one can subscribe to, and the privacy statement) for each channel. For example, a student who is ordering a prospectus will want reassurance that you will only use their address to send a prospectus. However if given the option, they may want to sign up for email alerts about events.

You can learn more about setting up Consents in this article.

This is where Topics comes in handy. Topics allow your students to opt-in and out of specific information you may want to send them. For example, you might have the following topics:

  • Event alerts and information

  • Newsletter signup

  • Clubs, Societies and Student life

A student might then sign up for "Event alerts and information", but not the other two. 

There are also Mandatory Topics. These are topics to which a student must subscribe if the interaction they are about to perform relies on their consent. For example, if a student is booking onto an event, then you might make the topic "Event alerts and information" mandatory so you can keep them up-to-date with any changes to the event.

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A good way of deciding what topics and consent packs are required is to look at the way your privacy options are already set up. You may be able to extract from your current wording points that seem like topics.

Once you are done setting up your topics and then consent packs, you can look at applying them within Workflows and Touchpoints and webforms. 

You can also set up how a student will manage their topics within the Privacy Centre Portal.

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