When a student goes onto the Privacy Centre, there are a number of pages they can visit, and so there are a number of pages you can edit:

A) Home Page

This could include information such as:

  1. Your personal greeting.

  2. Reassurance that their data is safe here.

  3. Student-based image/university branding.

  4. University name and address.

  5. Google map and link.

B) The Student's Profile

Here you select the fields you want to show the student, however it isn't all the data you have on the student, just as much or as little as you want to show:

C) Consent Given

This is a statement of which consent the student gave and when they gave it and where the student can turn their communications channels off or an and save those changes instantly to their record in your Student database:

D) Topics subscribed to

This lists the topics that the student is currently subscribed to and it is also where the student can opt out of any 'optional' topics.

E) Privacy Policy

This is the full Privacy Policy text that was displayed to the student before they consented. If the student has any questions they click the button which takes them to the ‘Contact Us’ page:

F) Contact Us

The student selects a question type from one of the Enquiry app categories displayed in a drop-down. It sends an enquiry into your “Enquiries app: Privacy Centre Questions” occurrence so your data team can log each answer against the student's record.

G) Log out

This is the page where the student can log out. They can also reset their password and log back in whenever they would like.

If you would like to know more about Student CRM and GDPR Compliance, visit our GDPR Knowledgebase. 

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