You can download student data from any App which has the Search and Grab tools. So this includes all of our Event apps (Pre-app Open Days, Applicant Open Days, Event Manager), Mobile Event Capture, Prospectus Requests, Rapid Response, Applications and Student Database (via Campaigns)

Adhoc Download

First, you'll need to Search in your app to narrow down your list of students.

Here's an example in Prospectus Requests:

Step 1. Search for the segment of students you require, using the filters and date created fields. Once you've narrowed down the records to the correct ones, hit the Grab button.

Step 2. Once you hit 'Grab', you'll be taken to the next step of the process. Enter a name for your activity and select the type 'Download'.

Step 3. Hit 'Grab' once more. The download will begin immediately. Save the data to your computer. 

Campaign Download

If you're Downloading from Campaigns in Student Database or Applications you can create a Segment for your data and then create a 'Download' campaign.

The data will be emailed to your address and you will be asked for a password. You can copy the password to your clipboard and have it sent by SMS to your mobile phone.

The password can be found on the last page of your campaign.

(You may need to download an advanced tool in order to extract the files on a Windows PC.)

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