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How can I delete a Passive Application?
How can I delete a Passive Application?

Removing Applications from Passive Occurrences requires a bit of work

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While it is possible to delete applications from a Passive occurrence of the Applications app, there are a few steps to ensure it stays deleted.

1. Remove the application(s) from your SRS

To start with, ensure that the application(s) to be deleted has been removed from your SRS. If the application(s) remain in your SRS, then they'll be brought back into Student CRM the next time your API feed pushes applications into the platform.

2. Create an APV segment with the Application(s) to be deleted

This deletion will be done manually by our Technical Team. To assist them, ensure the application(s) can be easily found by creating a segment inside the Applications occurrence.

3. Contact Customer Support

Give CS the Results ID for your segment (example highlighted below) and state this is for deleting application(s) only.

They'll raise it with the Technical Team for deletion, to be done after a week's grace period.

If you also want the associated student deleted, it's better to do this from the Deletions tool in Data Manager.

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