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Student CRM Web Form Notification Email
Student CRM Web Form Notification Email

Get alerts each time a form receives a submission

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You can set each web form up to email you each time a web form is submitted.

You then get emails notifications like this, so you can instantly click the links within to see the student's details, the apps their data went into and the form that the student submitted.

Note: this does not contain any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) such as the student's name and email. You need to click on one of the email's links AND be logged into Student CRM to see that.

When this is a good idea

OK, not on every form, all the time, that would just result in a never-ending blizzard of notification emails. Nobody wants that.

So when is it a good idea to send an email notification?

  1. When setting up a new form, it feels good to prove it works for the first dozen or so (then you can turn it off, confident it is working well).

  2. When a form is important and somebody in the uni who is not logged into Student CRM needs to know if a special web form ever gets completed, maybe an emergency or a time-sensitive request?

  3. If you suspect an issue with a web form, add your email into the notification and click into a few submissions to see what is going on.

  4. Maybe you are one of those individuals who likes to 'keep an eye on things' every now and then. You have your own reasons. :)

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