In Campaign Manager, click 'Add a new Segment'

and choose either Applications or Student Database. 

If you only wish to look at Applications data, choose 'Applications' and then the occurrence you wish to search. This type of segment will return Applications in your result.

If you want to combine data from different sources to find a set of Students to contact, such as Applications and Open Days, you should select Student Database.

A Student Database segment will give you lots of options to combine Student data with data from other apps, such as Pre-App Open Days, Prospectus Requests etc.

This segment combines Student Database filters with Enquiries filters:

Enter a name and Notes for your Segment and decide whether you want to share it with all the other users in your Establishment.

When you run the segment, the results will appear in the Segments listing almost immediately. 

After clicking on the blue link that lists the count of results, you can use those Results to Create a Campaign:

Selecting multiple values

Q. How do I select multiple values like the ones in the example above?

A. First you must choose to filter on a field that contains fixed values (from a dropdown) like 'Country' and then select the operator 'is one of' or 'is not one of' and then you can select multiple values and add them all into that single filter.

Q. How do I remove any of the multiple values I have selected in one filter?

A. Use your keyboard's arrow keys in those chosen values to move up to the value you wish to delete and backspace. That will delete just that one value.

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