To help you move quickly between records you use the Rolodex controls to go to the previous or next record. Tip: Also works with your keyboard arrow keys.

The Rolodex feature lets you move quickly between:

  • Orgs and Contacts in CTM.

  • Agencies and Agents in AGM.

  • Applications in APS & APV.

  • Open Days in AOD.

  • Open Days in POD.

  • Events in EVM.

  • Events in MEC.

  • Students in SDB's 'Students' tab Filter Results.

  • Students in SDB's Segment Results.

Let's look in the Student Database app

Example: say you want to call students. On the Students tab, you would create shortlists which could be used as a Rolodex for call-back campaigns. You simply step through each student record on your list, one at a time.

progress through each record

Using SDB's 'Students' tab, create your list by filtering by any of the following fields:

  • Stage

  • Last In

  • Last Out

  • Year of Entry

  • Level of Study

  • Team

  • Users

shortlist your students


Q. Why is this quicker?

A. You don't need to return to the list (of students, events, enquiries, etc) to then view each new record and then return to the list, ad infinitum.

Q. Is this associated with the original Rolodex in any way?

A. Nope. Since Rolodex, like Hoover, because of its popularity and market dominance, has become the generic term for, and synonymous with, the ability to quickly move between index cards in your address book, it is the perfect shorthand to describe this neat little software feature. However, if you do want the best old-school contact management card (paper) system ever invented, see:


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